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"CRUMBS OF LIFE" - general info

„CRUMBS OF LIFE – Sportsmen to Piotruś Waluga" is an initiative of Filip Kuzniak and „Zdążyć z pomocą” (transl. ”Help on Time”) Fund for Children. Its aim is to support costly medical treatment and rehabilitation of Piotruś Waluga – a boy suffering from heavy and currently incurable spinal muscular atrophy type I (Werdnig-Hoffmann disease SMA1). The undertaking consists in transferring money to Piotruś’ account, which is run by “Zdążyć z pomocą” Fund for Children. The money is to be obtained from a generally available auction of symbolic stones – “Crumbs of Life” – fetched by Filip Kuźniak and Mateusz Maculewicz from Transalp 2008 – 600 km mountain bike race in the Alpines, one of the toughest sport events in the world.

“Crumbs of Life” will be picked up by Filip and Mateusz at 20 Alpine passes on the route of the famous race. At each of the 20 passes only one stone shall be picked up. Photographic evidence of the act of lifting the stone off the ground shall be provided. Each unique “Crumb of Life” shall be named after the pass at which it was picked up.

After the completion of the race and return to Poland, each stone shall be certified by „Zdążyć z pomocą” Fund accompanied by photographic evidence acknowledging the act of picking the stone off the ground and packed in a unique box with the logo of “Crumbs of Life” initiative. It will then be listed on charity auction on allegro.pl and ebay.com websites. All the money collected from the sale of “Crumbs of Life” shall go from the auction winners directly to “Zdążyć z pomocą” Fund for Children account.

The start of the ”Crumbs of Life” auction is planned for the mid August 2008. Read more in “Stone auctions – regulations, procedures”.

On the graphs below you can see on which passes Filip and Mateusz will pick up the stones.