Węglokoks S.A.



Born in 1976, lawyer, journalist, PR specialist, husband and dad, has been amateur bike-racing for 12 years.

What does he do when he does not ride a bike?

He thinks about next riding.

What does he like?

Crystal clear… riding a bike.

And apart from that?

Spending time with his family.

What doesn’t he like?

City noise and loutishness.

Characteristic trait?


First bike?

Yellow, 15-inch wheels, long saddle, 16 inch wheels, "bold" rear tyre.

Favourite evolution on the first bike?

Braking on locked rear wheel and watching the length of trace of rubber on the asphalt.

Current bike?

Specialized S-Works Carbon. A dream come true.

When cycling he is …

Fast on downhills. Getting faster on climbs.



Other-than-cycling plans?

Going on holiday to New Zealand with his family in two year’s time.

Sports plans?

To cycle a position in the first 20 at Transalp 2008, participate in all major world stage races - La Rura De Los Conquistadorres (Costa Rica), Trans Rockies (Canada), Cape Epic (RSA), Trans Andes (Chile and Argentina).