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TRANSALP - general info

  • Transalp is the oldest and one of the toughest stage races on mountain bikes. 2008 shall see its 11th edition
  • Transalp lasts 8 days (it is divided into 8 stages), during which contestants ride the distance of over 600 km by hardly used Alpine tracks. The route starts in Germany (Fussen), via Austria and Switzerland to Italy. The longest stage (from Livigno to Nuturns) is 122 km long. The highest peak en route is Idjoch (2,739 m above sea level).
  • The sum of climbs the contestants have to face throughout the race amounts to over 19.5 thousand meters. The longest climb en route has the distance of approx. 25 km
  • Every year between 1,100 and 1,200 contestants and mountain biking amateurs from over the world compete in Transalp. They form two-person teams. Transalp is a tough event – it is a standard for the participants to be accommodated by organizers at sports halls or school corridors after each stage rather than hotels. Sometimes they also sleep… under the stars.

Participation of Filip Kuźniak and Mateusz Maculewicz in Transalp

Team Filip Kuźniak and Mateusz Maculewicz, admitted to the race under the name ArcelorMittal JBL Team shall be the only one representing Poland in 2008.
Last year Filip and Mateusz took the 48th position under general classification from the total of 600 teams from all over the world. They were also the first from among over a dozen teams from Poland. At the last stage tough luck and breakdowns disabled them from competing for a place amongst the 35 best teams.

In 2008 they have clearly set goals:

  • obtaining the hugest possible amount of money from auctions of “Crumbs of Life”, brought over from Alpine passes and financial support of rehabilitation of Piotruś Waluga,
  • sport competition to take position among the first 20 teams in general classification, out of 550 2-person teams.